How to Mint
Acquiring DFI or DMX tokens can be done by swapping on UniSwap, or by minting directly through the token contract. Due to gas costs, both of these tokens use PieDAO's Oven feature. While this is slower than minting immediately, it results in substantial gas savings for token purchasers.
Step 1 :
After connecting your MetaMask wallet, navigate to the "mint" section of the DFI or DMX pages.
Step 2 :
Input the amount of ETH that you wish to send to the oven for an estimated amount of DFI or DMX tokens. (Note: This amount will vary based on token prices at the time of baking and may be more or less than the estimate given at the time of deposit.) As token purchasers deposit funds into the oven, the progress bar will increment until the threshold is met.
Step 3 :
Click "Deposit" and approve the subsequent transactions, which include wrapping ETH, and allowing the expenditure of wrapped ETH. These are two distinct transactions with separate transaction fees, though the fees aren't typically substantial.
Step 4 :
Finally, approve the actual interaction with the token contract (i.e. sending WETH) to initiate the baking process. You can check the status of this transaction and the transactions outlined in step 3 at any time on Etherscan.
Step 5 :
Using the claim button, you can withdraw your WETH at any time from the oven should you wish to not wait for the baking process to begin. Otherwise, sit tight and wait for your tokens! Once the threshold amount is reached, the minting process begins.
Step 6 :
When the baking process is complete, claim your tokens by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the page. Due to slippage settings, to ensure the best pricing for DMX, you may receive slightly less DMX than expected. However, the rest of your WETH will be returned to your wallet.
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