Amun DeFi
Cryptocurrency Purchases : Using Wyre, a user can easily purchase 20+ assets using Apple Pay or a credit card, instantly and with minimal fees. The process does not require an email address or creating an account.
Swap : Through integrations with major exchanges, users can swap tokens from their MetaMask wallet to any major DeFi token with ease. Amun DeFi automatically gives users the best rate for their desired tokens, as well as the lowest fees.
Explore : Users can view the largest DeFi protocols by total amount locked or daily percentage change in the value of the underlying token.
Lend : Investors can see protocols ranked by current APY and total value locked, and lend their tokens easily from one simple interface to achieve the desired yield. Clicking on the โ€œdetailsโ€ tab points users to additional information about each different token, including a price chart and a list of similar assets.
Pools : Users can browse various pools and add liquidity to those that match their investment goals.
Transactions : Historical transactions relating to sent/received tokens, token swaps, loans, and borrows are visible to the user in one place.
Education : Literature on the products offered through the platform is available for consumption.
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