Amun DeFi

Governance Overview

Token contract upgrades and changes are determined by the community through the creation of - and subsequent voting on - proposals. Suggestions on how to write proposals are as follows:
Step 1: Ideation typically begins through discussions on Discord or Telegram with other community members who feel similarly about a topic. Ideally, these concepts will quickly take form and morph into an actionable proposal.
Step 2: Improvement proposals are the next logical step in formalizing a suggested change to the token contract in question. It should include details instructions, wireframes, timelines, and any other information that will help the community make an informed decision.
Step 3: Voting takes place once a proposal is in its final form. Once ready, proposals should be submitted to the relevant Snapshot page linked on the token page. The community can now vote on the proposal.
Casting Votes
Snapshot allows voting without the need for spending gas. Token holders can vote by signing a message from their wallet, which is free to do. Upon doing so, they are effectively casting a vote that is weighted by the number of tokens held in that wallet.