Amun DeFi

What tokens can I use to mint?

Minting DFI and DMX requires wETH (wrapped Ether). You can pay with ETH, and the Amun platform will wrap it for you for a small fee (paid to the Ethereum network, not Amun). Swapping however can be done with any of the listed ERC-20's, though fees may be slightly higher for doing so. We recommend swapping from ETH to get the best possible rates.

What is wrapped ETH?

wETH is the ERC-20 version of ETH that allows for trading on decentralized exchanges. Since decentralized exchanges support ERC-20 tokens, wrapping Ether makes it possible to perform swaps with other ERC-20's without the need for a trusted third party.

What wallets are supported?

You need MetaMask, WalletConnect, or one of several other supported providers to acquire tokens on the Amun DeFi platform. We strongly recommend MetaMask.

What is the Oven?

The oven is full. Why hasn't the baking process begun?

The balance of the oven is checked hourly. If the oven is full during one of these checks, the baking process begins. The oven won't remain full for over an hour without initiating the baking process.

Where can I buy the tokens?

Tokens are currently available on and

I'm new to crypto, where do I purchase ETH?

Based on your location, there are likely several options for purchasing ETH easily and at the prevailing rate. The Amun platform does not accept fiat currency and does not currently facilitate the swapping of fiat currency to cryptocurrency.

Why do I need to approve the spend of my funds? Isn't that what sending funds to the smart contract does?

Not quite. This is actually a safety feature built into Ethereum to ensure that a smart contract does not drain more of your funds than intended, in the event of a hack. However, this is only true if the user specifies a spend limit. We highly recommend this as a good practice, though it means you will need to pay additional gas if you wish to send more funds at a later time.