Amun DeFi
DeFi Momentum Index Token (DMX)
Amun’s DeFi Momentum Index Token (DMX) was a self-adjusting DeFi exposure vehicle that took into account the “momentum” of its constituents. As top DeFi tokens gained steam in the market they were added to the basket, and as they lost steam they were removed. Users had the option of minting/burning DMX tokens using stablecoins or a blend of the basket’s current constituents. Daily adjustments ensured momentum was adequately captured, and aggregating orders across the cheapest decentralized exchanges results in minimal costs.
Ultimately, DMX was sunset due to increasing operating costs caused by growing gas costs. The Amun team still supports the idealogy behind DMX and will continue to explore opportunities to bring back the DMX methodology.
Contract Address: 0x1660F10B4D610cF482194356eCe8eFD65B15bA83
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